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Thoracic Bioimpedance System Monitors Respiratory Motion

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 10 May 2021
A new digital breathing volume monitor helps assess respiratory function and provide early warning of impending collapse.

The Respiratory Motion (Watertown, MA, USA) ExSpiron 2Xi Respiratory Monitor System is a non‐invasive device designed to monitor breathing in patients of at least one year of age. The device contains a bioimpedance measurement system and a tablet PC housed within a single enclosure. The tablet uses a graphical user interface (GUI) for user input from the touch screen through a virtual keyboard and mouse, and presents respiratory tracing, as well as approximate scalar values and trends for minute ventilation (MV), tidal volume (TV), and respiratory rate (RR).

Image: The ExSpiron2Xi respiration monitor (Photo courtesy of Respiratory Motion)
Image: The ExSpiron2Xi respiration monitor (Photo courtesy of Respiratory Motion)

A reusable cable connects the ExSpiron 2Xi Monitor to a stabilized high frequency current generator and a single patient use electrode PadSet that is placed on the torso to deliver current to the patient’s skin. The same electrode PadSet records returning the impedance measurements, and an adaptive firmware circuit then conditions the voltage signal and converts it to digital form. Finally, a proprietary built-in software algorithm calculates respiratory parameters based on a non‐linear, regressive model trained data set.

“The Proven Respiratory Sentry has a new formula, and I am proud of announcing the launch of our ExSpiron2Xi,” said Laura Piccinini, CEO of Respiratory Motion. “Unique. Accurate. Confidence. The new digital platform of enhanced monitoring falls in line with Respiratory Motion's commitment to rapidly innovate leading-edge products and services that establish accurate and safe new products. Inspired Innovation is the fil rouge in Respiratory Motion's culture of meeting customer needs.”

Respiratory compromise increases patient mortality rates by over 30%, and hospital and ICU stays by almost 50% following post-operative respiratory failure, and is the largest single-source of avoidable in-patient days and the third most common patient safety event. By measuring MV, the amount of air moved through the lungs in one minute a an indication of the patient’s respiratory status can guide pain management, assess respiratory sufficiency, identify risk, and to individualize patient care pathways. MV can also replace End-Tidal CO2 for monitoring opioid induced respiratory depression.

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