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Wearable ECG Monitor Enables Highly Accurate, Sensitive and Specific Detection of Atrial Fibrillation

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 15 May 2023

Atrial fibrillation (AF), the most prevalent tachyarrhythmia, is linked to increased stroke risk. However, diagnosing AF is clinically challenging due to its asymptomatic and intermittent nature. Portable single-channel ECG devices provide a more efficient method for AF screening compared to 24-hour Holter monitoring. Now, a wearable ECG and movement sensor can help catch arrhythmias that are often missed in 24-hour Holter measurements.

Movesense Medical from Movesense Ltd. (Vantaa, Finland) is a compact wearable sensor designed to measure single-channel ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, and human motion. Due to its discreet design and ease of use, Movesense Medical is particularly useful for remote patient monitoring and other telemedicine applications. Patients can use the device independently, reducing the burden on healthcare staff and facilitating monitoring as required. It can serve as a supplement to traditional, costlier Holter monitors, thereby freeing up healthcare professionals for other tasks. In ECG monitoring, it assists in detecting arrhythmias that 24-hour Holter measurements often miss.

Image: A new ECG monitor can help improve healthcare efficiency (Photo courtesy of Northwestern Medicine)
Image: A new ECG monitor can help improve healthcare efficiency (Photo courtesy of Northwestern Medicine)

Movesense Medical is designed for single-channel ambulatory ECG measurement and precise quantitative data on human movement. It allows for the examination of the human heart and the effects of body condition, disease, or injury on the movement system. Movesense Medical is programmable and can run custom algorithms to process data locally on the sensor. It transmits the measured signals to other devices for storage, visualization, and further data analysis. The validated 1-lead ECG, heart rate, and heart rate intervals offered by Movesense Medical are ready to be integrated with existing health applications. The outcome is an affordable, lightweight, wearable heart monitoring solution suitable for field, home, and clinical settings. It's also the first MDR certified chest strap ECG and heart rate monitor, and one of the first ECG devices overall to achieve MDR certification.

“The MDR certification of the Movesense MD sensor is a major milestone for Movesense and our EU customers, as it enables large-scale clinical use of the device and allows ECG monitoring for larger patient groups and in new usage situations,” said Movesense CEO Jussi Kaasinen.

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