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Norav Showcases Compact Rechargeable Holter Device for 14 Days of Continuous ECG Recording

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 13 Nov 2023

Norav Medical (Delray Beach, FL, USA) is showcasing its latest innovations and solutions at MEDICA 2023 that are designed to enhance patient care, improve outcomes, and drive efficiency.

Among its range of innovative resting ECG products being showcased by Norav at MEDICA 2023, the highlight is the company’s breakthrough Holter device that enables up to 14 days of continuous ambulatory ECG recording and boasts wireless connectivity as well as an easy-to-use interface. Norav’s innovative NR-314P Holter device is engineered with cutting-edge 3-lead ECG technology, providing healthcare providers with precise and comprehensive cardiac data essential for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans. This advanced technology is the cornerstone of Norav's longstanding commitment to driving ECG innovation and standards-exceeding excellence. With the capability of up to 14-day ambulatory recording, the NR-314P offers a remarkable tool for continuous cardiac monitoring, enabling early detection and management of cardiac anomalies. Its high-resolution ECG processing ensures the delivery of clear and accurate cardiac data, significantly enhancing patient care and outcomes.

Image: The NR-314P Holter device enables up to 14 days of continuous ambulatory ECG recording (Photo courtesy of Norav Medical)
Image: The NR-314P Holter device enables up to 14 days of continuous ambulatory ECG recording (Photo courtesy of Norav Medical)

The compact yet robust NR-314P is equipped with Bluetooth. Its compatibility with EHR/HIS information systems like via HL7 and DICOM underscores Norav’s dedication to seamless integration and improved workflow efficiency. Designed with healthcare providers in mind, the NR-314P in combination with Norav’s NH-301 Holter analysis software features A-Fib analysis, pacemaker analysis, patient activity and respiration trends. Moreover, the device can function as a standalone unit or be linked to the Norav ECG Management System (NEMS), demonstrating remarkable versatility.

The NR-314P Holter device, weighing just 41 grams, is designed for minimal interference with daily activities while ensuring continuous cardiac monitoring. Its compact, water-resistant design, coupled with wireless connectivity, promotes user adherence to long-term monitoring. Powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, the NR-314P allows for uninterrupted ECG recording during normal activities, enabling patients to wear the device 24/7 without disruption, confidently going about their day with reliable cardiac monitoring. The NR-314P is available globally, catering to the diverse needs of healthcare providers across North America, Europe CE, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

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