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Connected Tower Solution Improved Operating Room Efficiency

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 25 Jun 2020
A novel operating room (OR) wireless connectivity solution remotely controls multiple orthopedic medicine systems from outside the sterile field.

The Smith & Nephew (London, United Kingdom) INTELLIO Connected Tower Solution uses a centralized app to wirelessly connect and control major components of an arthroscopy surgical tower, helping to streamline procedure support outside of the operating field. The integrated solution features a remote control, on-screen display optimized for surgeon workflow, and a cloud-based image management portal. Among the components of the INTELLIO Connected Tower Solution are:

Image: The INTELLIO connected tower solution facilitates sports medicine (Photo courtesy of Smith & Nephew)
Image: The INTELLIO connected tower solution facilitates sports medicine (Photo courtesy of Smith & Nephew)

• The LENS Connected Tower app which remotely manages patient work lists, captures images and videos, and controls COBLATION and resection settings wirelessly.
• The LENS 4K Imaging System, which provides the option to view key settings of the DYONICS POWER II Control System and the WEREWOLF COBLATION System on the surgical display, based on surgeon preferences.
• The DYONICS POWER II Control System, which enables powerful and precise soft-tissue and bone resection with the DYONICS shaver hand piece and PLATINUM blades. The wireless module enables connectivity with the LENS 4K system to display shaver speed and resection mode on the surgical display.
• The WEREWOLF COBLATION System, which uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to precisely remove, address, and treat damaged joint tissues. The WEREWOLF wireless module connects with the LENS 4K system to display COBLATION mode and ambient temperature on the surgical display.

In addition, the MY.INTELLIO cloud-based portal expands the functionality of the LENS 4K app for secure, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant storage of patient images and video captured during cases. MY.INTELLIO also supports post-surgical workflows by managing patient data and allowing access anywhere within the professional network.

“Smith+Nephew is committed to finding innovative new ways for our customers to maximize the value of their capital investments, while minimizing the amount of equipment in the OR,” said Scott Schaffner, SVP and general manager of Sports Medicine at Smith+Nephew. “The INTELLIO Connected Tower Solution does this by simply integrating components and enabling them to work together, driving workflow efficiency and making it easier for healthcare professionals to do their jobs.”

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