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New Stapling Technology Promotes Sleeve Gastrectomy

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 26 May 2021
Novel stapling technology offers surgeons performing sleeve gastrectomy procedures a continuous staple cutline of 23 centimeters.

The Standard Bariatrics (Cincinnati, OH, USA) Titan SGS is a single patient use, sterile instrument supplied preloaded with staples that is designed for cutting and stapling gastric tissue during sleeve gastrectomy pouch creation. The device is comprised of the stapler itself, located in the sterile field; the handle, which does not contact the patient and is handled by the user within the sterile field; and the shaft and end effector. The staples themselves are housed in the end effector until they are applied to the tissue where they are permanently implanted.

Image: The Titan SGS provides a continuous staple cutline of 23 centimeters (Photo courtesy of Standard Bariatrics)
Image: The Titan SGS provides a continuous staple cutline of 23 centimeters (Photo courtesy of Standard Bariatrics)

The stapler end effector is 230 mm long and contains 342 'B' shape staples organized in six staggered rows, three on each side of the cut line, to ensure consistent staple formation, improved staple-line strength, and fewer malformed staples, resulting in a more secure staple line and fewer leaks under high burst pressures. As with other powered staplers, the Titan SGS opens and closes through a simple mechanical linkage in the shaft and end effector. Additional features provide real-time audio and visual feedback, graduated staple height formation, tissue-sensing technology, and a firing cycle optimized for gastric tissue.

“We are focused on bringing innovation and breakthroughs in science and surgery to our users,” said Matt Sokany, CEO of Standard Bariatrics. “We believe Titan SGS has the potential to overcome the challenges bariatric surgeons may encounter with the use of existing short-cartridge stapling technology.”

Sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive form of weight loss surgery intended for the morbidly obese which reduces the size of the stomach by removing the lateral 2/3 with a stapler;the stomach is drastically reduced in size, but function is preserved, with no malabsorption of nutrients and supplements. The procedure avoids problems associated with bypass bariatric procedures, including anemia, intestinal obstruction or blockage, osteoporosis, and protein and vitamin deficiency, and since about 100-200 ml of stomach capacity is maintained, there are few restrictions on food consumption.

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