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First-of-Its-Kind 4K Single-Use Surgical Arthroscope Simplifies Endoscopy

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 29 Nov 2023

Traditional surgical visualization tools like endoscopes are often costly, complicated, and challenging to maintain. Issues like contamination or damage to these instruments can hinder the surgical process, leading to inefficiencies and increased risks in the operating room. Now, a 4K single-use surgical arthroscope has been designed to make endoscopy more efficient, consistent, and safe.

Pristine Surgical (Manchester, NH, USA) has expedited the release of its Summit 4K single-use surgical arthroscope which is now accessible to hospitals and outpatient surgery centers throughout the United States. This innovative product provides a sterile, high-definition 4K scope for each patient, ready for immediate use. This eliminates the need for the extensive setup and cleanup typically associated with reusable arthroscopes, as well as the sterilization process. The Summit arthroscope is equipped with Pristine Connect, a software solution for efficient cloud-based storage of surgical images and videos, along with automated management of inventory.

Image: The Summit 4K single-use surgical arthroscope is now available across the United States (Photo courtesy of Pristine Surgical)
Image: The Summit 4K single-use surgical arthroscope is now available across the United States (Photo courtesy of Pristine Surgical)

Designed to be compatible with existing endoscopy systems in surgery centers, the Summit enables facilities to upgrade to 4K quality without significant new investments in equipment. Its unique scopes-by-subscription model and transparent pricing structure make this advanced technology both cost-effective and practical for medical centers. Furthermore, Pristine Surgical is committed to sustainability, offering recycling solutions for used devices to their customers.

“Summit is a fully-integrated single-use scope with 4K resolution that simplifies arthroscopic procedures and packs the latest in minimally invasive visualization technology into a sterile, cost-effective, ready-to-use package,” said Bryan Lord, CEO of Pristine Surgical. “I’m pleased with the feedback we’ve received, and we’re excited to make this game-changing arthroscope available nationwide to help surgeons and their teams innovate their endoscopy suite.”

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