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First-Ever Fully Implantable System Designed To Treat Chronic Migraine

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 02 Jan 2024

Globally acknowledged as a leading cause of disability, and particularly prevalent among pre-menopausal women, migraine pose a persistent health challenge. For nearly 2% of the global population, migraine intensifies into chronic episodes, plunging sufferers into a debilitating state with intense headaches, nausea, and light sensitivity for at least 15 days monthly, significantly diminishing their quality of life. While current treatments often provide inadequate relief, the demand for innovative and effective solutions remains high. Now, the first-ever fully implantable system for the head utilizing a minimally invasive approach has been developed to treat the debilitating symptoms faced by migraine patients.

ShiraTronics, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN, USA) is developing a Chronic Migraine System to specifically target the neural pathways involved in migraine episodes. This device, discreetly placed under the skin, employs neuromodulation therapy, which involves delivering small electrical impulses or 'stimulation' along the nerve pathways to alleviate the symptoms of chronic migraine. The system comprises thin leads connected to a compact stimulator device implanted under the skin. This stimulator delivers electrical pulses along the nerves involved in chronic migraine symptoms.

Image: The ShiraTronics device uses small electrical pulses to treat chronic migraines (Photo courtesy of ShiraTronics)
Image: The ShiraTronics device uses small electrical pulses to treat chronic migraines (Photo courtesy of ShiraTronics)

By delivering targeted electrical pulses, the ShiraTronics system is engineered to interrupt the pain signals associated with migraines. Patients can manage their treatment using a dedicated therapy application. This fully implantable, adjustable device represents a novel and potentially more efficacious treatment option for patients and healthcare providers. ShiraTronics has successfully completed the implantation of its Chronic Migraine System in the first six patients globally, representing a significant advancement in the field of neuromodulation.

"The achievement of this crucial milestone has validated all aspects of our procedure, system, and therapy settings,” said ShiraTronics Chief Executive Officer, Rob Binney. “Notably, it is encouraging that all six patients who completed the trial procedure opted for the permanent implantation of the ShiraTronics system. We are thankful for the invaluable guidance and contributions by our investigators to date and look forward to additional patient implants currently scheduled in the new year."

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