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Surgical Robotic System Integrated with New Imaging Technology to Enhance Visualization

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 12 Feb 2024

An integrated fluorescence imaging system to visualize ICG (Indocyanine green) can provide surgeons with enhanced visualization, where indicated.

CMR Surgical (Cambridge, UK) has launched vLimeLite, an innovative integrated ICG system designed for enhanced surgical visualization. This system offers surgeons using the Versius Plus – the latest iteration of the Versius surgical robot – various options for viewing mode, including overlay in both full color and greyscale, and a choice between green and cyan for the ICG color. vLimeLite is a significant tool in assisting surgeons with the visual assessment of vessels, blood flow, tissue perfusion, and biliary anatomy during procedures. Versius Plus, known for its compatibility with virtually any operating room setup and seamless integration into existing workflows, enhances the prospects of robotic minimal access surgery (MAS). Its compact, portable, and modular design allows surgeons to use only the required number of arms for each specific procedure.

Image: The Versius Plus surgical robot fetures vLimeLite new imaging technology to visualize ICG (Photo courtesy of CMR Surgical)
Image: The Versius Plus surgical robot fetures vLimeLite new imaging technology to visualize ICG (Photo courtesy of CMR Surgical)

Versius Plus, designed to mimic the human arm, offers surgeons optimized port placement, along with the precision and flexibility of small, fully-wristed instruments. Equipped with 3D HD vision, intuitive instrument control, and a variety of ergonomic working positions, the open surgeon console aims to reduce stress and fatigue. It also facilitates clear communication with the surgical team. By combining laparoscopic thinking with robotic operation, Versius Plus offers benefits to patients, surgeons, and healthcare professionals alike, leveraging the advantages of robotic MAS. Moreover, Versius Plus is instrumental in capturing valuable data within its broader digital ecosystem, aiding in a surgeon’s ongoing learning process. The Versius Connect app, Versius Trainer, and the CMR clinical registry all contribute to providing insights that enhance surgical care, making Versius Plus a pivotal tool in advancing surgical practices.

“With 3D HD visualization, surgeons already have a fantastic view of their operating field at our Versius console,” said Supratim Bose, Chief Executive Officer of CMR Surgical. “But now, with vLimeLite they can see beyond what the eye can see, allowing them to clearly visualize critical anatomy during their operations.”l

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