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Cutting-Edge Microcatheter Advances Localized Drug Delivery in Vascular Interventions

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 01 Mar 2024

A cutting-edge microcatheter allows for easy navigation through small complex vascular structures, providing enhanced reach to distal target sites.

Embolx Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA, USA) has introduced the Soldier High Flow Microcatheter, a new advancement in localized drug delivery for vascular interventions. This microcatheter is engineered using the Ultra-Thin Wall (UTW) technology and advanced design principles, which were originally developed for Embolx’s Sniper, the company's flagship product. The UTW technology is a key feature that allows the microcatheters to have a smaller outer diameter while maintaining the largest possible internal lumens. This design significantly enhances flow rates, almost doubling them compared to standard designs. The Soldier microcatheter stands out for its ability to combine the benefits of larger catheters into a profile. This development means that physicians no longer need to compromise on image quality, the ability to reach distal areas, or the range of embolic agents when using a smaller 2 Fr catheter.

Image: The Embolx Soldier High Flow Microcatheter has received US FDA clearance (Photo courtesy of Embolx)
Image: The Embolx Soldier High Flow Microcatheter has received US FDA clearance (Photo courtesy of Embolx)

Notably, the catheter's design ensures excellent torque response and features a radiopaque distal tip. These characteristics facilitate precise placement of the curved tip and enable clear visualization of its rotational position during procedures. The Soldier microcatheter is set to be available in two sizes: 2 Fr and 2.5 Fr. It also comes in three different lengths – 130 cm, 155 cm, and 165 cm – to accommodate various procedural needs. The 2 Fr version features a 0.022” lumen, while the 2.5 Fr version has a 0.027” lumen. This range of options underscores the versatility of the Soldier microcatheter in different clinical settings. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted clearance for the Soldier High Flow Microcatheter, allowing Embolx to refine the overall experience of physicians using microcatheters while creating an innovative platform for future products.

"The FDA clearance of the Soldier microcatheter represents a significant milestone in the evolution of advanced microcatheters. With this cutting-edge technology, it is now possible to use smaller microcatheters for more embolization procedures," said Michael Allen, CEO and President of Embolx. "We will continue to develop innovative and unique products that provide creative solutions to therapy delivery."


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