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AR Headset-Enhanced Abdominal Surgery Empower Surgeons to Perform More Efficient Procedures

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 25 Mar 2024

Cholecystectomy, commonly known as gallbladder removal surgery, is the most frequent abdominal surgery performed globally. Traditionally, abdominal surgery is recognized as a particularly challenging region of the body, given the dynamic nature of the environment and lack of fixed references. Now, a revolutionary surgical platform with the capability to deploy augmented reality (AR) further enhances abdominal surgery and redefines surgical standards.

Levita Magnetics’ (Silicon Valley, CA, USA) MARS system combined with the Meta Quest 3 Headset marks a significant development in the medical field by paving the way for AI-enhanced digital surgery. MARS, a revolutionary minimally invasive surgery platform that leverages Levita’s proprietary Dynamic Magnetic Positioning™ technology, was cleared by the FDA for use in high-volume abdominal surgeries, including laparoscopic bariatric surgeries, cholecystectomy (gallbladder), prostate and colorectal procedures. MARS offers clinical benefits such as faster recovery, less pain, and fewer scars thanks to its surgeon-controlled arms that provide the physician full control over the laparoscopic view and the magnetic retractor, reducing the need for an additional assistant. The console-free system with a compact footprint allows hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to increase efficiency, more effectively deploy personnel, and offer a differentiated experience to patients.

Image: Levita`s AR Headset-Enhanced Abdominal Surgery (Photo courtesy of Levita Magnetics)
Image: Levita`s AR Headset-Enhanced Abdominal Surgery (Photo courtesy of Levita Magnetics)

The MARS system now further reduces the challenges in abdominal surgery by implementing Meta Quest 3 AR technology. The software developed by the company for integrating its MARS system into the Meta Quest 3 headset can also be used in the Apple Vision Pro as well as any new AR headset, further democratizing access to the AR technology in the operating room. The application of AR in abdominal surgery offers surgeons an enhanced view of the surgical field and real-time data. This can have a profound impact on the future of healthcare and surgical methods, including telesurgery and other AI and robotics-driven solutions. The integrated MARS and AR technologies were recently used to perform a cholecystectomy, marking the first-ever AR abdominal surgery.

"Levita continues to push the boundaries of technological innovation in the operating room, initially deploying our MARS system and now with the first-ever augmented reality abdominal surgery,” said Dr. Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro, founder and CEO of Levita Magnetics, who conducted the integrative landmark surgeries. “By leveraging our MARS system with other technologies like AR, we can empower surgeons to perform more efficient procedures while improving visualization and ergonomic function."


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