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Robotic Surgery System with Computer Vision-Based Capability Paves Way for Next-Generation Laparoscopy

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 01 Apr 2024

Laparoscopy is a surgical technique where surgeons operate through small incisions with an internal camera and instruments. Now, a novel robotic technology designed to empower surgeons during laparoscopies by providing an extra set of arms they can use to control two additional instruments brings generative artificial intelligence (AI) features to the operating room.

Moon Surgical’s (Paris, France) Maestro System used in laparoscopy is powered by NVIDIA’s (Santa Clara, CA, USA) Holoscan, a powerful edge computing platform that allows real-time algorithms based on AI to be deployed in the operating room for immediate benefits during surgery. Moon Surgical has integrated Holoscan into its commercial Maestro System to enable its first computer vision-based capability, the ScoPilot. Maestro's ScoPilot provides autonomy for the surgeon, who must normally rely on other staff to control the laparoscope. This task requires continuous coordination and anticipation. Surgeons can use ScoPilot to control the laparoscope themselves without taking their hands off surgical instruments, which are often engaged with other critical surgical tasks. Over 200 patients have been successfully treated with the Maestro System, equipped with ScoPilot.

Image: The Maestro System powered by NVIDIA Holoscan paves the way for next-generation laparoscopy (Photo courtesy of Moon Surgical)
Image: The Maestro System powered by NVIDIA Holoscan paves the way for next-generation laparoscopy (Photo courtesy of Moon Surgical)

"Surgeons are astounded by the fluidity and speed that ScoPilot introduces to the operating room," remarked Anne Osdoit, CEO of Moon Surgical. "This is the perfect illustration that Maestro is ready for more digital features, enabled by NVIDIA Holoscan, that deliver transformative experiences for the operating room."

"AI is at the top of mind for the next wave of MedTech innovators like Moon Surgical, who seek to deliver innovative solutions to surgeons, nurses, and patients," stated Kimberly Powell, Vice President of Healthcare at NVIDIA. "This proof-of-concept showing an AI application running on NVIDIA Holoscan in real-time during Maestro surgery validates the principle behind our platform."

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