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Magnetic Balloon Technology Optimizes Colonoscopy Procedural Outcomes

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 02 Apr 2024

Colonoscopy is a key procedure for diagnosing, monitoring, preventing, and treating various conditions of the colon, such as colorectal cancer and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. Looping, a frequent occurrence during colonoscopies, needs to be resolved to ensure the rapid completion of the procedure and accurate control of the endoscope movements during therapeutic procedures. Occasionally, resolving loops can be time-consuming, potentially extending the duration of the colonoscopy or leading to an incomplete examination. Now, a next-generation magnetic balloon technology offers a novel solution for challenging looping faced during colonoscopies and is compatible with standard colonoscopies.

Endostart’s (Certaldo, Italy) flagship product, Endorail, is a magnetic balloon solution designed to improve the outcomes of colonoscopy procedures. Endorail aims to enhance the efficiency and safety of endoscopic practices by offering a groundbreaking solution for looping challenges, thus aiding in the completion of prolonged colonoscopies. This technology combines an innovative magnetic balloon solution with ease of use, enabling clinicians to address procedural difficulties with greater confidence and accuracy. Endorail provides a significant tool that not only improves procedural outcomes but also aims to reduce the healthcare expenditures associated with delayed or unfinished procedures.

Image: The Endorail magnetic colonoscopy device has secured US FDA 510(k) clearance (Photo courtesy of Endostart)
Image: The Endorail magnetic colonoscopy device has secured US FDA 510(k) clearance (Photo courtesy of Endostart)

In 2023, Endostart carried out a multicenter clinical trial to validate the safety and effectiveness of Endorail in facilitating completion of difficult colonoscopies. The study conducted by Endostart and its research partners confirmed that Endorail is a safe and effective option for on-demand use in patients undergoing prolonged colonoscopies. Additional research will explore further advantages, such as cost savings and reductions in procedure time, associated with the use of the device. The FDA’s 510(k) clearance of Endorail signifies a major advancement in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy, promising enhanced patient care globally.

“We are thrilled to obtain FDA clearance for Endorail, marking a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize gastrointestinal endoscopy,” said Dr. Alessandro Tozzi, co-founder and CEO of Endostart. “This clearance underscores our commitment to innovation and our dedication to improving patient care. We look forward to introducing Endorail to endoscopic centers across the United States, empowering physicians with the tools they need to deliver exceptional care.”


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