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New Surgical Tool Empowers Precision and Confidence in Operating Room

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 10 Apr 2024

The increasing prevalence of breast cancer has created the need for advancements in minimally invasive and patient-centric surgical techniques. Now, a minimally invasive surgical tool has been designed to empower surgeons and improve outcomes for patients with breast cancer.

MOLLI Surgical (Deerfield, IL, USA) has launched OncoPen, a sleek, pen-like wand that seamlessly integrates with the MOLLI 2 System, offering advanced tools for precisely targeting and removing cancerous lesions. OncoPen marks a significant leap forward in the field of minimally invasive breast surgery. This unique wand provides unparalleled directional 3D guidance to surgeons. In comparison to traditional techniques, it eliminates the need to utilize wires, providing increased surgeons with scheduling flexibility and a better experience for patients. The process involves the placement of a tiny MOLLI Marker adjacent to the tumor before surgery.

Image: The OncoPen elevates precision surgery for breast cancer (Photo courtesy of MOLLI Surgical)
Image: The OncoPen elevates precision surgery for breast cancer (Photo courtesy of MOLLI Surgical)

In the operating room, surgeons receive real-time 3D guidance via the MOLLI Tablet, leading them directly to the lesion's exact location. This level of precision not only facilitates the removal of the target lesion with minimal incisions but also spares healthy tissue around the tumor, potentially resulting in better aesthetic outcomes for patients. The OncoPen, specifically designed for use with the MOLLI 2 System's sophisticated navigational features, significantly increases the accuracy of surgical procedures, while making them less invasive and more patient-friendly. Its pen-like design integrates smoothly into the surgical workflow, enhancing the effectiveness of the MOLLI 2 System and empowering surgeons with the confidence to perform cancer operations with unparalleled accuracy. The introduction of the OncoPen is set to significantly impact how cancer surgeries are performed.

"At MOLLI Surgical, our relentless focus is on the patient, placing their well-being at the core of all our efforts," said Ananth Ravi, President and CEO of MOLLI Surgical. "We've dedicated ourselves to solving real clinical challenges, driven by a commitment to making a tangible difference in patient care. We're profoundly grateful for the opportunity to improve the patient experience and continue to advance the field of surgical oncology with our innovations."

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