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Portable MRI Compatible Surgical Robot Improves Patients Outcomes for Neurosurgery

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 24 May 2024

Neurosurgeons performing deep brain stimulation lead placements often encounter the challenge of brain shift, which can lead to inconsistent and suboptimal outcomes because the brain moves relative to the skull during surgery. This issue results in 34% of these surgeries requiring a subsequent operation to remove or adjust the leads due to initial misplacement of the targets within the brain. Now, a compact, MRI-compatible surgical robot that facilitates intelligent intraoperative surgical planning and guidance through real-time soft tissue imaging aims to tackle the issue of brain shift during deep brain stimulation lead placements.

AiM Medical Robotics (AiM, Worcester, MA, USA) is set to launch its revolutionary stereotactic neurosurgery robot that is designed to overcome the challenges of accurate and safe intracranial placement of neuromodulation, ablation, and drug delivery devices. The AiM stereotactic neurosurgery robot enhances visualization, navigation, and control during procedures. Featuring an MRI-compatible robotic frame and integrated with cutting-edge neuro-navigation software, AiM’s system delivers exceptional precision and efficiency for deep brain interventions. By integrating intraoperative MRI guidance into routine use, AiM aims to enhance hospital efficiency, procedural consistency, and patient outcomes.

Image: A recent trial showcased AiM`s robot in a fully direct MRI-guided procedure for bilateral deep brain stimulation lead placement in a human cadaver (Photo courtesy of AiM)
Image: A recent trial showcased AiM`s robot in a fully direct MRI-guided procedure for bilateral deep brain stimulation lead placement in a human cadaver (Photo courtesy of AiM)

In a recent trial, AiM’s robotic system was used in a direct MRI-guided procedure for placing deep brain stimulation leads in a human cadaver, showcasing its capabilities entirely within an MRI suite. The procedure achieved high levels of efficiency and accuracy. Significantly, the trial demonstrated the system’s ability to detect and compensate for brain shifts during the operation that can affect surgical outcomes. AiM is currently preparing to conduct a new study to further validate its innovative robot for deep brain stimulation treatments in patients with Parkinson's Disease with the aim of using real-time MRI guidance for accurate placement of stimulation leads.

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