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Image: Ultrasound Stimulation Reduces COVID-19-Related Inflammation and Decreases Length of Hospital Stays (Photo courtesy of SecondWave Systems)

Ultrasound Stimulation Reduces COVID-19-Related Inflammation and Decreases Length of Hospital Stays

Researchers have begun a pilot clinical trial to test the efficacy of using ultrasound to stimulate the spleen and reduce COVID-19-related inflammation, decreasing the length of hospital stays. More...
14 May 2021
Image: Interventional cardiologists could expand thrombectomy access in Europe (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Experienced Cardiologists Can Also Perform Stroke Thrombectomy

Cardiologists with proficiency in cardiac interventions can competently perform stroke thrombectomy after a short period of training, according to a new study. More...
13 May 2021
Image: The M-Connect platform integrates patient information from multiple devices (Photo courtesy of Mindray)

Healthcare Ecosystem Unlocks Patient Monitoring Potential

A universal platform connects patients, health providers, devices, and healthcare systems, streamlining workflows, enhancing clinical decision-making, and improving patient privacy. More...
13 May 2021

AI Tool Uses Chest X-Rays to Identify COVID-19 Patients Likely to Develop Life-Threatening Complications with 80% Accuracy

Trained to see patterns by analyzing thousands of chest X-rays, a computer program predicted with up to 80% accuracy which patients with COVID-19 would develop life-threatening complications within four days. More...
13 May 2021
Image: The Single-Use H-SteriScope (Photo courtesy of Hunan Vathin Medical Instrument)

Single-Use Bronchoscope Line Expands Critical Care Flexibility

Five new premium disposable endoscopes extend physician’s choices in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. More...
12 May 2021
Image: An air-powered knee brace enables greater mobility for OA patients (Photo courtesy of Roam Robotics)

Smart Robotic Orthosis Improves Knee Mobility

An innovative orthosis device leverages robotics and proprietary algorithms to dramatically improve daily life for those experiencing knee pain. More...
12 May 2021

AI Analytics Predict Daily Trajectory of COVID-19 Patients in Intensive Care Units

Researchers have used artificial intelligence (AI) to identify which daily changing clinical parameters best predict intervention responses in critically ill COVID-19 patients. More...
12 May 2021