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New MRI Technique Could Be Used to Detect Breast and Prostate Cancers

Latest COVID-19 News

New Immunosensor Paves Way to Rapid POC Testing for COVID-19 and Emerging Infectious Diseases

Photon-Counting CT Shows More Post-COVID-19 Lung Damage

Low-Cost System Detects SARS-CoV-2 Virus in Hospital Air Using High-Tech Bubbles

New Model Detects Long-COVID’s Effects Using Simple, 2D Chest X-Rays

Lung MRI Shows Lasting Damage in Children and Teens After COVID

World's First Inhalable COVID-19 Vaccine Approved in China

Testing for SARS-CoV-2 Blood Antigen Levels Can Predict Clinical Outcomes of COVID-19 Patients

Total-Body PET Imaging Can Assess Immunological Response to COVID-19 Infections

COVID-19 Vaccine Patch Fights SARS-CoV-2 Variants Better than Needles

Single Cassette for Measurement of Lactate and Blood Gas Aids Rapid Sepsis Diagnosis

Blood Viscosity Testing Can Predict Risk of Death in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

AI Device Predicts when Critically Ill Patients Can Be Safely Removed from Ventilator

‘Covid Computer’ Uses AI to Detect COVID-19 from Chest CT Scans

MRI Lung-Imaging Technique Shows Cause of Long-COVID Symptoms

Chest CT Scans of COVID-19 Patients Could Help Distinguish Between SARS-CoV-2 Variants

Immunomodulation Technology Rescues Patients from Cytokine Storm

World-First Method for Rapid Isolation and Characterization of COVID-19 Variants

POC System Could Transform Infectious Disease Management

Specialized MRI Detects Lung Abnormalities in Non-Hospitalized Long COVID Patients

AI Algorithm Identifies Hospitalized Patients at Highest Risk of Dying From COVID-19

Sweat Sensor Detects Key Biomarkers That Provide Early Warning of COVID-19 and Flu

Study Assesses Impact of COVID-19 on Ventilation/Perfusion Scintigraphy

CT Imaging Study Finds Vaccination Reduces Risk of COVID-19 Associated Pulmonary Embolism

Third Day in Hospital a ‘Tipping Point’ in Severity of COVID-19 Pneumonia

Longer Interval Between COVID-19 Vaccines Generates Up to Nine Times as Many Antibodies

Hemodynamic Monitoring Can Predict Mortality in Critically Ill Patients, Finds Baxter Study

AI Model for Monitoring COVID-19 Predicts Mortality Within First 30 Days of Admission

AI Predicts COVID Prognosis at Near-Expert Level Based Off CT Scans

ECG Can Pinpoint Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients at High Risk of Death